'Zero Contact' Utility Key Ring

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Zero Contact is a new accessory, designed by JMA, which protects the health of its users, by avoiding contact with shared surfaces when opening a door, pressing the button of a lift, using ATM keys, pressing switches, etc. i.e. places that may not be properly sanitized.

Zero Contact is made of brass, a light material that is, above all, safe, as infectious microorganisms do not survive for long on its surface (i.e. Brass is an ‘Antimicrobial' material)

This small and light device can be conveniently attached to a key ring. It consists of a circular handle to hold the tool with your finger, plus a hook that can be used to Open Doors &  Lift/Hold Bags etc.,  and at the end of the tool is the Button Presser, which can be used to press buttons & switches etc.


  • Material: Solid Brass