Yale Unity Security Screen Door Lock

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Yale home brings to you innovation in design and capability - the Yale Unity Security Screen Door Lock.
We’ve considered how to make life easier for you to enter your home without any hassles of searching for your keys. Control your security screen door with the Yale Access App, contactless key tag or Yale Smart Keypad*.
The Unity Security Screen Door Lock provides seamless entry into your home.

With Yale Access you can:

  • Lock and unlock your door via your smart device
  • Grant access to others for one time access, access for a set period of time or a date range
  • Keep track of visitor access

Think of the times when you walk up to your front door and have to search you bag or pockets for your house keys, now imagine walking up to you front door and your lock unlocks the door as you approach.
Using varying technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS as well as the Yale Access App, the auto-unlock feature unlocks your door as you approach.
At Yale, we pride ourselves in protecting the things that matter most to you. The Unity Security Screen Door Lock has patented digital dead locking technology, locking both the internal and external handles of your lock when using your smart device or contactless key tag. Meeting Australian lock standards AS4145.2:2008, SL6 and D7, you can be sure that the Unity Security Screen Door Lock is reliable and secure.
Wanting a premium security solution? An optional 3 point lock kit is available with your Unity Security Screen Door Lock to give you 3 locking points. Activating the auxiliary locks is as simple as lifting the lever to throw the locks.
Lock alert indications shows users the lock mode via a built in LED. The locks has three modes, Unlock (Green), Locked (Yellow) and Secure (Red). You can also press the internal electronic button to lock and unlock from the inside if you choose.
The built in door position sensor checks the status of the door and tells you if your door is securely closed and locked. This avoids inadvertently locking your door whilst the door is open.
The Unity Security Screen Door Lock is Apple HomeKit compatible. Connecting your lock with a Yale Connect Bridge*, allows ‘Works with’ Hey Google, Samsung SmartThings or Amazon Alexa.
*Yale Connect Bridge and Smart Keypad sold separately.

Features & Specifications

  • Digital Deadlocking
  • Certified to SL6 (Security) and D7 (Durability)
  • Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2.2008)
  • Fits industry standard cut out/door preparation
  • Total Control via Yale Access App - The Yale Access
  • App allows you to lock and unlock your door, grant
  • access to others and keep track of visitor access.
  • Auto Unlock
  • Tailor User Access
  • Lock alert
  • 24/7 Lock Activity Trails
  • Door Position Sensor
  • 100% keyfree