Trio Fire Rated Lever Lockset

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The Trio designs suit commercial applications, where maximum application durability is required, while also providing stylish designs.

·         Cylindrical chassis lever set

·         Fire Rated 2 hours to AS1905.1-1997

·         Compliant with BCA Codes

·         Commercial Heavy Duty – Grade 2

·         Satin Stainless Steel Finish

·         70mm Backset

·         60mm Latch available as spare part

·         For door thickness: 35-50mm


·         Entrance: RL21-L8000SC

·         Privacy: RL21-L8030SC

·         Passage: R21L-L8082SC

·         Classroom: RL21-8012SC

·         Double Cylinder: RL21-L8011SC

·         Storeroom: RL21-8062SC

·         Half Lockset: RL21-8052SC



Outside lever will become locked when inside button is pushed. To unlock, key must be used on outside lever which will release the inside lever. Inside lever is always unlocked providing emergency exit.


Outside lever is locked or unlocked by key. When locked, a key must be used from the outside to unlock the lockset. The inside lever is always unlocked providing emergency exit.

Half Lockset

Deadlocking latchbolt operates from the inside only. Blank plate outside.


Outside lever always remains locked, requiring key opening to operate. Inside lever is always unlocked providing emergency exit.


Both outside and inside levers always remain unlocked.


The lever is locked or unlocked from the inside with a turn snib/button and there is an emergency release on the outside which will allow the door to be unlocked in case of emergency.

Double Cylinder

Commonly used on gates. Either lever operates the latch except when key in either lever locks or unlocks the leaver independently of the other.