Schlage Remote 2.0 - Window Operator

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The Schlage Remote 2.0 allows you to open and close each window in your home with a push of a button on your remote. The same remote can be programmed to operate multiple windows in the house. Fast, easy and reliable, the Schlage Remote 2.0 allows natural ventilation for a healthy indoor environment.

Top - hung windows   

  1 x Remote 2.0 : Maximum 100 x 100cm (HxW)  

 Top - hung windows :Minimum 30 x38cm (HxW)

 Certification : RCM compliant

Cover:   Available in white, matt black or aluline

Chain:   Galvanised steel, single links

 Maximum chain length: 130mm

 Pulling / opening force: 400N

Pushing / opeing force: 150N

 Type of Control: Infrared

Remote control range: At least 6m (depending on environmental factors such as dust, and the                      presence of light sources) and a maximum of 20m

Coding Permutations: 4 billion

 Unit Power supply  : 4 AA batteries or 7.5 V power supply adaptor (optional)

Remote control: power supply  

Remote control: 2 x AAA batteries

Wall control: 3 x AAA batteries or 7.5 V power adaptors (optional)

Motion cycles per set of batteries: Open and close a minimum of 50 times

 Sensors: Low-battery indicator (the window ends up in closed position)

  Screws: 4.0 x 40mm (9x)

  Overall dimensions Window frame 40mm high, framework 38mm deep, 380mm  wide