SafeTech 'AlfaMax' Non-Tension Hinge - SHN-110L-MAX

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Safetech ‘AlwaMax’ Non-Tension Gate Hinge

·         Max holding weight at an economical price

·         12 fixing points per hinge

·         UV-Stabilized for added strength.

·         Highly Reliable.

·         Sold in Pairs

·         Also available in Fixed Tension


Safetech Polymer Gate Hinges are some of the highest quality hinges available today, as a professional who installs gates you’ll know that most customers expect reliability regardless of whether the hinges are self-closing or without tension. You’ll also know that hinges are one of the top reasons for a call back to a job.

Even though SafeTech Hardware ‘Alfa-MAX’ hinges are designed with style & elegance in mind, they still offer a higher weight capacity than comparative products in the market. This is achieved with a high attention to detail at the design stage, which means the resulting hinges out performs other in the same category. However, do not take our word for it, try a pair of Alfa Max hinges on your next compatible job and see for yourself!

Like all products from Safetech our Alfa gate hinges are durable and created to last. Made from fibre-reinforced polymer they have been made to meet tough durability standards and will last for years. Safetech have a reputation for high-quality manufacturing and saving time on installation.

Alfa-Max Spec

Material:             Engineered Polymers

                                Rust Resistant Stainless Still Pins.

Adjustment:      Vertical

Holding Weight: 35Kg

Number of Legs: 2 Legs

Application: Metal or Timber Gates




Tech Specs

                SHN-110L-MAX Drawings