Ryobi 60 Series Door Closer

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Ryobi 60 series door closers represent a high quality non fire rated door closer that combines stylish looks with basic operational features at an affordable cost.

Four models to choose from that suit different door weights.

  • 61 series is ideal for hollow core doors with a weight capacity of 30kg
  • 62 series is ideal for solid core doors with a weight capacity of 45kg
  • 63 series is ideal for glass panel doors with a weight capacity of 60kg
  • 64 series is ideal for heavy metal clad doors with a weight capacity of 75kg


  • Non handed and reversible for all situations- Supplied with either a standard opening arm for inward opening doors or with a parallel arm for outward opening doors
  • All models have adjustable closing and latching speeds
  • High strength pressure cast aluminium housing with a rack and pinion operating mechanism
  • Hold open version available
  • Available in a silver finish