Ryobi 3550 Series

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Ryobi 3550 series is a versatile commercial door closer and one of the top closers in the Ryobi range.

  • Fire rated
  • Power adjustable from 2 - 6 strengths. This allows adjustments with the one closer to take door weights between 50kg up to 150kg. Pre set at a factory 3 setting (65kg)
  • Non handed
  • A built in delayed action feature that works from an opening of 180 degrees to 70 degrees, stays open at 70 degrees for a short period to allow access and then proceeds at normal speed to closing.
  • Ideal for disabled entries Suitable for standard and parallel arm fixing options in the one box
  • Supplied with adjustable closing and latching speeds
  • Supplied with an adjustable backcheck feature
  • Can be ordered with a hold open function if required but be aware that using the hold open function doesn't allow it to be fitted to a fire door
  • Contains all season fluid to eliminate the need for seasonal adjustment
  • Low opening resistance making it ideal for the elderly
  • When using the parallel arm model the door weight capacity is reduced by 20% compared to the standard arm application
  • Available in a silver finish