Rutland Concealed Heel Closer

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The concealed heel closer is perfect for handle-less doors and doors where a floor spring or transom closer does not cut the mustard. The concealed heel closer is manufactured by Rutland Door Controls.  Rutland Door Closers are the industry’s choice for quality and durability, from Buckingham Palace to the largest shopping centre in Europe, Rutland products feature on millions of doors worldwide.

The new heel closer suited for pivot doors makes for easy installation, as there is no cutting of the floor required. It includes the cover and top pivot.

  • Hold-open option – hold-open angle 90 degrees.

  • Non-hold-open option

  • Adjustable closing speed

  • Opening angle of 150 degrees

  • Max door width 1000mm

  • Min door thickness 40mm

  • Max door weight of up to 100kg

  • Power size: EN3

  • 5 Year Guarantee

  • Non handed

  • Stainless Steel finish

Product code:

Hold Open : ITS.H3.HO.SS

Non-Hold Open: ITS.H3.NHO.SS