Quell Personal Panic Alarm with Light Keychain

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Quell Personal Alarms excellent when it comes to quality
and reliability. These devices simply fit into your pocket,
handbag or attach to your belt or keyring. When you need
to scare off a would be attacker simply pull the chain and a
very loud high pitched siren is activated alerting people in
close proximity you are in need of assistance.
Feel safe with this personal alarm giving you the freedom to
venture out with the peace of mind your ready to assist deter
any possible attacks. Features a loud 100dB alarm and
built-in torch for your safety. Ideal for walkers, joggers, the
elderly, disabled people, night shift workers, people who live
alone and bushwalkers.
Available in 3 Colors - this panic alarm is supplied as one
single alarm in a nice retail glossy blister package.

Suitable for use
•     Ideal for joggers, the elderly, disabled people, night shift
workers and people who live alone.
•     Small and compact
•     Fits in purse, pocket or attach to keyring
•     Loud 100dB alarm
•     Includes batteries

Features and Benefits
•     Spotlight mode
To activate spotlight mode. Press A
•     Alarm mode
•     Pull out pin to activate alarm. To turn off alarm re-insert
metal pin into plug