PITBULL Container Lock

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Super Security Lock for shipping containers. 

The Piutbull Container Lock is a 3-piece custom designed shipping contianer lock comprising: 

  • 300mm long 8mm thick machine channel, in 3 parts
  • The top and bottom sections of the channel are mounted on the left half of the PITBULL Container Lock and the middle section mounted on the right.
  • When closed, the channel sections are interlocked and secured with a 32x20mm solid steel slide bolt. 
  • When interlocked, all gaps are protected by 8mm thick shields integrated in the design, ensuring there is no access to cut the bolt or jimmy the lock. Shields cover the gaps between the channel sectiond and between the channel and bolt. 

The PITBULL Container Lock comes with a 55mm Abus Rock Padlock, with: 

  • Shackle guard for further protection against tool attacks. 
  • Chrome Plated hardened steel lock body.
  • Special alloy closed shackle

Supplied with

  • 55mm ABUS Rock Padlock with Shackle protection
  • 16mm x 90mm Gal cup-head bolts
  • washers
  • Nyloc nuts

The PITBULL Container lock is a unique product, proudly DESIGNED and MADE in Australia by Xtratec Pty Ltd