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ML-ASCOT Double Sided Gate Lock

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The ML-ASCOT double sided digital lock designed and owned by McGrath Locks to suit gates, internal doors and any applications that require a digital lock to be locked from either side. It comes with all the functions you know from the McGrath Lock range, TTlock APP, Bluetooth, Pin code, RFID card’s and Manual Key’s. The ML-ASCOT is treated as two locks in one, the lock comes with 4 keys, (Keyed alike). Now both side’s are always locked from inside and the outside, so that no one can reach over the fence and unlock the handle. It’s been specially designed for commercial and residential applications. The lock is made from aluminium alloy, zinc alloy base and glass keypad to provide that full weather rating of IP66 on each side, the ML-ASCOT is very hard wearing, very robust and anti-scratch for external use. As the ML-ASCOT is IP66 waterproof it can be directly in the weather on gates and withstand the Australian harsh conditions. The ML-ASCOT uses 4pcs AAA (Duracell Only) batteries for both internal and external handles and can last up to 12 months. Simple installation as the MLASCOT can retro fit in a 54mm hole or fresh fit, this will take you minutes with a screwdriver as there is no wiring. ML-ASCOT works with the TT lock APP that provides the ability to manage all E-keys, pin code, RFID card/fobs. Audit trail is provided in the TTlock APP records which you can also grant and control access to everyone (family, friends or neighbours), grant access for weeks, days or hours, and modify or remove access as needed, all at your discretion.