Metlam 700 Ambulant Indicator Set

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The 700 series is a surface mounted, concealed screw fix indicator bolt and made from 304 grade stainless steel to endure heavy use. To protect the indicator from wear and tear a rubber bumper stop has been added. Multiple fixing points have also been included to support heavy use. In addition, the ambulant lock model satisfies the Disability Standard AS1428.1 for ambulant cubicles.

·         Surface Mounted

·         Concealed Screw Fix

·         304 stainless steel cover and rubber bumper stop

·         Integrated Bumper Stop, multiple fixing points for heavy duty use

·         Lift off staple

·         Deemed to satisfy Disability Standard AS1428.1 for ambulant cubicle specification only

·         Available in a satin stainless steel finish

Supplied with

·         Indicator

·         Integrated Lock & Bumper

·         Lift Off Staple


·         Indicator: ABS Indicator Face with #304 Stainless Steel Cover

·         Lock: #304 Stainless Steel. Rubber Bumper Stop

·         Staple: #304 Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel Snap on Cover