Lockwood 001 Double Cylinder Deadlatch

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Designed in Australia, the 001 Double Cylinder Deadlatch incorporates innovative safety features including Safety Release™ and LockAlert® offering market-leading performance and reliability for your home.

Features of the 001 Double Cylinder Deadlatch

  • Available in Knob and Lever versions
  • Conforms to the security and durability requirements of Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008 | SL7D8C6
  • Cut-resistant Stainless Steel Bolt
  • 11 concealed anchorage points and a door frame stengthener that combine to offer high security protection
  • Hold back function that allows you to use the door in passage mode

Available in:

  • Satin Pearl
  • Chrome Plate
  • EverBrass
  • Brown
  • Matt Black  (Nero range)

The new matt black Lockwood 001 Double Cylinder Deadlatch is part of the Nero Collection. The Nero 001 can now be used with other door furniture in the Nero range giving more options to mix and match Lockwood products in the home.