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Key Hider Pouch - RFID Signal Blocking

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Signal blocking key hider.

Smart keys and smart key fobs constantly emit a signal looking to connect to a vehicle. The signal allows the doors to automatically unlock and the “Push to Start” button to work. The Signal Blocking Key Hider is designed for the many instances where you do not want to activate these features.

  • Protective storage pouch prevents transmission of wireless signals.
  • RFID blocking material protects your car key fobs and credit/debit cards from theft.
  • Tear-resistant nylon pouch attaches to non-magnetic surfaces.
  • Water-resistant adhesive anchors mounting pad to any clean surface.
  • Effective hook and loop system secures pouch to pad, makes pouch removal easy.
  • Designed with water-resistant oxford fabric.
  • Patent Pending.