Lockwood 404 Hydraulic Screen Door Closer

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The Lockwood 404 Hydraulic Screen Door Closer has been specifically designed for the Australian market, suitable for screen doors weighing up to 29kg. The Lockwood 404 is a heavy duty screen door closer, better suited to stainless steel mesh doors which are heavier than the traditional diamond pattern fly wire screen doors. Suited to this growing premium door market, this premium screen door closer offers smoother operation and a quality feel. Highly adjustable, it can still be used on traditional screen doors, and offer all those same advantages. And whilst improving on the closer module itself, Lockwood has maintained all the familiar design features, including the Rod Retaining Clip preventing the closer from dislodging.



  • Spring loaded piston in hydraulic unit for smooth closing
  • Heavy duty, suits heavier screen doors, without being too strong for lighter doors
  • Very high level of adjustability
  • Closing speed easily hand adjustable, spinning entire cylinder
  • Door hold-open feature
  • Surface mounting
  • Automatic latch operation
  • Easy installation
  • Available in Black, White and Silver


Installation guide