Gainsborough Neue Traditional Trilock Lever Double Cylinder

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The Gainsborough Trilock® Neue Traditional Series combines timeless styling with advanced engineering, The lever model adds class to any home exterior.

The Gainsborough Trilock design offers a combination of lockset, deadbolt and passage functions in one system.

The 3 in 1 Entrance Set

Lockset with Safety

                Pressing the button on the inside of the door engages the Trilock lockset mode. This makes the external handle rigid; however, it is safe to exit without a key in an emergency by simply turning the inside knob or lever.

Deadbolt Security

                Trilock houses a key-operated double cylinder deadbolt, with a sturdy 20mm throw, to keep possessions and valuables safe whilst the home is unoccupied.

Passage Set

                When Trilock is unlocked and unsnibbed, it operates as a standard passage set, allowing free access in or out of home.


·         Backset: 60mm

·         Cross Bore: 54mm

·         Deadbolt Throw Length: 20mm

·         Cylinder Profile:GR9 (TE2)

·         Lever Length:116

·         Door Compatibility: Hinged

·         Required Door Thickness (mm):35-45

Available in 3 finishes

·         Bright Chrome  -  890TLEBC

·         Satin Chrome  - 890TLESC

·         Bright Gold  - 890TLEBG