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The Gainsborough Freestyle Electronic Trilock™ features a stylish slide cover to conceal the PIN code keypad. This acts as both a deterrent to would-be intruders by removing the temptation to try to enter random PIN codes in an attempt to gain access, as well as creating a refined contemporary door lever plate profile which leaves an impression of exceptional style and quality. A discreet indicator light signals various function activations by using specific colour tones. These can be activated by lifting the slide cover to power up the hidden keypad, or simply by using the online Gainsborough Freestyle™ app via your smart phone. The minimalist stylish design continues to the back of the lock by integrating the battery cover into the seamless design, whilst revealing only the low-profile key cylinder and privacy button. The Gainsborough Freestyle Electronic Trilock™ is available in two on-trend finishes; brushed satin chrome, and matt black which are certain to complement most interior decors.


  • Assign, invite and schedule up to 20 users 
  • Encrypted connection for advanced security 
  • Remote access, lock, deadlock or unlock your doors using the Gainsborough Freestyle App  
  • 3-in-1 function: passage, privacy, deadlock 
  • Keyless Entry via keypad or Mobile App 
  • Monitor your lock status (App only functionality) 
  • Battery operated using 4 x AA Alkaline batteries which lasts up to 12 months. 
  • Emergency override keys included


  • Quantity:- 1 x Trilock Set
  • Backset:60mm
  • Cross Bore (mm):60
  • Deadbolt Throw Length (mm):20
  • Cylinder Profile:GR9
  • Lever Length:120
  • Adjustable Backset: false
  • Bolt Function: Latch
  • Door Compatibility: Hinged
  • Required Door Thickness (mm):35-4

Installation Guide for Freestyle Trilock Urban 

Installation Template for Freestyle Trilock Urban 

Some functionality requires the Gainsborough Wifi Bridge and Door Sensor