Dominator DD - 5 Series

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Secure cash management can be tricky to achieve in any situation, especially where different levels of access to cash are required.

With 5 size options and various configurations and functions, the DD series has suitable solutions for dozens of different cash management applications. Scroll down to find out more.

Dominator Safes® DD Series deposit safes are designed to provide limited access to the inside compartments of the safe, while allowing easy access to deposit cash or valuables through and secure deposit drawer or slot.

·         $15,000 - $40,000 recommended cash rating in unsupported situation

·         6mm solid plate steel body with 12mm reinforced framing

·         12mm solid steel plate door

·         4 x recessed internal fixing bolt holes

·         Secure anti-fishing depositing provision

·         Separate internal compartment for deposits (*DD-3 and DD-5 only)

·         Solid 25mm locking bolts to opening side and fixed bar to hinge side  

·         2 year lock warranty, 5 year mechanical and body warranty (*registration required)



External  1015mm x H 510mm W X 510mm D * allow 40mm depth for handle
Internal  1005mm H X 495mm W X 450mm D (includes deposit drawer space)
Weight  179kgs net/ 194kg Packaged
Capacity  228L (includes deposit drawer space)
Fittings  2 adjustable shelf, 4 bolt down holes in base, internal dual key lockable box
Cash  $20,000 in unsupported application