Carbine Dual Shackle Padlock

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Revolutionary padlock designed to enable the use of two shackles and two separate keying systems.

The Carbine Dual Shackle padlock eliminates the need of any welding to the padlock, chain and gate. The uniquely designed padlock allows shared access through two individual shackles, operated by two individual keys or key systems, each operating their own shackle, thus providing their own access and ultimately creating a shared access solution.

The dual shackle design means access is easily granted to either party, yet removal of the padlock can be configured to require one or both shackles to be unlocked. There are multiple locking configurations available. For example, a chain that wraps around the gate and locks in with the first shackle (shackle A), then wraps around the gate post and the second shackle (shackle B), forming a closed loop. If someone has a key to shackle B, they can still access the facility, but the padlock and chain remain connected to the gate – securing your assets and eliminating the risk of losing a padlock.

  • 64.5mm diameter body (32.25mm radius) + 52mm width
  • 7.93mm double ball locking
  • 2 x 8mm molybdenum alloy shackles
  • Extended 8mm molybdenum alloy shackles available
  • Shackles are duplex nickel and chrome plated hardened to 60HRC
  • 2 x Carbine figure 8 cylinders
  • 6061 grade aluminium body

Australian Made Padlock