Carbine Spring Hinges

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The Carbine Door Spring Butt Hinge provides an automatic closing butt hinge. It’s not a spring hinge and it’s not a butt hinge — it’s a combination of both. This provides a wide range of applications on smaller type doors of up to 50kg.

The tension on the spring within the hinge can be adjusted using an allen key (supplied with product) placed in the top of the hinge. Once the correct tension is achieved, it is retained by a pin. In some cases, this eliminates the need to install a door closer.

  • Sold in sizes of 75mm and 100mm
  • A sturdy hinge of 2.5mm thickness
  • Weight capacity 100mm - 38kg with 2 hinges, 50kg with 3 hinges
  • Weight capacity 75mm - 29kg with 2 hinges, 38kg with 3 hinges
  • Satin chrome finish only