Carbine Push Lock

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The Carbine Push Lock is the perfect choice for both metal and timber furniture and sliding cupboard doors. Featuring a snap lock mode (as packaged) and a key retain mode, the Carbine Push Lock accepts restricted master key systems so it can integrate with your existing system.

  • Chrome Plate Finish

  • Uses a standard 530 cylinder

  • Can accept a 6 pin key

  • One cam which is double sided (key retain side & snap lock side)

  • Four mounting holes

  • Easy to remove the cylinder by undoing the four screws

  • Stainless steel fixing screws

  • 12mm locking pin (M4 Pin extension can be used if the retainer pin is not long enough to secure the sliding door or draw)

  • Available in no cylinder, keyed to differ, and keyed alike

  • Anti-shimming front face

  • 67.65mm width unlocked position

  • 54mm width locked position

  • 31.9mm barrel diameter

  • Trade pack box

  • Full instructions supplied

  • Supplied with fitting jig to hold hole saw when retrofitting existing push locks