Carbine Pin Tumbler T&L Handle

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The next generation Carbine T&L Handles significantly improve the security of garage tilt-a-doors, cabinets, electrical cabinets, gates, toolboxes, and car ute canopies, by adding extra strength to the lock body ensuring maximum resistance to attack.


With a modern designed chrome plate finish to complement existing assets, the Carbine T&L Handles range features a completely modular system for changing locking positions including an interchangeable spindle which allows for installations on thinner or thicker applications.


The Carbine T&L Handle range takes a 6-pin 530 cylinder that can be removed from the front, making rekeying simple with the option available to upgrade to a restricted keying system




·         Heavy-duty construction


·         Simple to adjust


·         Suits either 90 degree clockwise turning, 90 degree anti-clockwise turning and 180 degree clockwise or anti-clockwise turning


·         All are rear fixed to minimise potential for lock tampering


·         Supplied with screws for solid and sheet steel doors


·         6 pin 530 cylinder on the Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5) profile


·         Standard 75mm spindle length


·         High corrosion resistance


·         Key retain function available with optional key retain cam and blockers (included with the lock)