Carbine C60 Padlock

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Carbine C60 Padlocks are a commercial grade security padlock, as it has been innovated for high security while also withstanding highly corrosive environments. The C60 padlocks are ideal for securing equipment, stock, utility rooms and all industrial applications.


·         High level security

·         Rekeyable CK001 brass cylinder with PD type barrel

·         Padlock features anti drill cylinder cover for higher security

·         Suits Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5) profile

·         Keytrapped function as standard but this can be changed to snap shut function by simply rotating the cam 180 degrees

·         Rapid change shackle using a phillips head screwdriver

·         Body is steel with a brushed finish

·         Stainless steel double ball locking

·         No linishing or knocking pin hole plugs into the padlock

·         Has an 11mm diameter shackle of molybdenum alloy

·         Two shackle opening sizes available: 27mm, 50mm

·         Standard "A" keystop plates operate with common C4 cylinders

·         Special "R" keystop plates are available to suit common restricted systems

·         Additional keystop plates are available for EKA or Bilock cylinders