Carbine CBS Multi Bolt

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Multi Bolt WINDOW LOCK Carbine CMB window locks, when fitted & used correctly, comply with the “Falling from Windows” regulation. Please consult the BCA Building Codes for full information. Stylish design and easy to install Two types of barrels. Our patented C4 wafer barrel allows the use of C4 5 and 6 pin keys or LF wafer barrel allowing the use of Keyline LF29S (Silca LF43R), Keyline LF16 (Silca LF6R) and GA1 keys Easily rekeyable Can be supplied less barrel to allow easy selection of barrel system (see Carbine window lock barrels in our cylinders range for more details) Designed to suit a variety of window applications Supplied with three different bolts for various window types Bolt can be locked through a front or side projection Available in black, brown, polished brass, primrose, silver and white finish