Adjustable Tension Hinge With Legs – Topklik – SHG-90L

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Innovative Gate Hinge Tension Variable System

Safetech self-closing gate hinges are the only gate hinges on the market to feature our patented tension adjustment system. Once the gate hinge is in place, adjustments are made with just one handy allen-key, which we provide. By simply turning the key clockwise, you can increase the tension of the self-closing gate hinge. As the tension changes, the system makes a defined CLICK sound that lets you monitor just how much you’ve adjusted the gate hinge. The tension variable system makes Safetech gate hinges easy to install, so you can get the job finished in record time.

Put the adjustment key in the Customers’ hands

When you have finished installing a new self-closing gate with Safetech gate hinges, you’ll leave behind the only tool that homeowners need to adjust their hinges. Adjusting the tension with the included allen-key is so simple that any homeowner can do it, eliminating the chance of being recalled to the job for maintenance.

Durability That You Can Stand Behind

Not only are Safetech Gate Hinges the easiest gate hardware hinges to install and adjust, but they’re also the most well made on the market. All of our gate hinges are crafted from fibre-reinforced polymer and engineered for bind-free operation. The UV-stabilized gate hinges will not fade in the sun, and the rustproof design ensures their longevity. Your customers are sure to love the attractive look of Safetech Gate Hinges, which can be used with all types of fences and gates. Free yourself of the worry of call-backs and give your customers the benefits of the best self-closing gate hinges available on the market by selecting Safetech Hardware Hinges for every job.