Abus KG787 Key Garage Wall Mount Dial mech w/ LED

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The ABUS KeyGarage™ now with LED illuminated dials is a neat way to securely store keys and other small items. The large internal space means secure shared access to your house keys, car keys and more.

Suitable for wall mounting indoors and in protected outdoor areas.

warning-icon Suitable for internal or sheltered covered areas.

  • Wall mount (screws included).
  • Resettable 4 wheel combination.
  • Coin cell battery (CR2032) can be easily replaced.
  • Durability of battery when used 1 x per day approximately 2 years.
  • LEDs lights up for 30 seconds.
  • Hinged drop-down door.
  • Protective slide up dust cover for combination.
  • Steel body and back plate.
  • Finished in black.