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Smart Products

Yale smart products deliver a premium digital locking solution with flexible control and peace of mind. Connected to a home automation hub, your lock is controllable from anywhere in the world.

Yale Unity Entrance Lock

With a simplistic, modern and secure design, the Yale Unity Digital Entrance Lock opens the door to a new range of digital opportunities. With the integration of the Yale access platform, the lock has been designed specifically for the Australian market, achieving digital deadlocking. Tested to Australian lock standards, the Yale Unity Digital Entrance Lock meets Australian lock standards AS4145.2:2008 DL8 in durability and S8 in security.


Digital Deadlocking

Total Control via AppAuto


User Access

Retrofits to common residential door preparations 


Yale Connect Bridge

Yale Smart Keypad


Yale Assure Lock® SL

Never worry about carrying around or losing your house keys again, simply lock and unlock your door with the sleek touchscreen keypad. Create unique pin codes to share with your family and friends for ultimate convenience. The Assure Lock® SL can be upgraded with a Yale network module to integrate seamlessly with your home automation or alarm system.
The Yale Assure SL lock is the newest addition to Yale Assure digital lock range. This sleek and modern touchscreen deadbolt allows homeowners to enjoy the convenience of 100% key free unlocking.
You'll never have to carry around your keys again. Create unique pin codes for friends and family and remove codes whenever you need to. 

Yale Assure Lock® Keyed

Lock and unlock your home without the hassle of keys. Create unique PIN codes to share with your family and friends for ultimate convenience.

Including a backlit touch screen keypad, users have the option of entering a PIN code to unlock the door.

An automatic re-lock function is available so that when the latch is retracted, the lock will automatically lock after a specified period of time.

The Yale Assure Lock digital deadbolt can be upgraded with a Yale module (Yale Access, Z-Wave Plus* and ZigBee*) to seamlessly integrate into most home automation and alarm systems.

Yale Access Kit


The Yale Access Kit allows users with an Assure series lock to utilise the functions and features of the Yale Access App. In four simple steps, you will be able to access new features within minutes:

Step 1: Install the Yale Access Module into the back of an Assure Lock

Step 2: Install the door sense to your door jam

Step 3: Plug in the Yale Connect Bridge to your power socket

Step 4: Download the Yale Assure App

The Yale Access Kit enables features such as 24/7 lock activity, auto unlock, auto lock and remote access. Yale’s door position sensor checks the status of the door and tells you if your door is securely closed and locked. This avoids inadvertently locking your door whilst the door is open.

Suitable for Assure series locks, this is a quick and simple solution to the first of your smart home devices or add to an existing solution.


Yale Access App Features

Yale Access App offers you trusted everyday convenience and connectivity through the touch of a button on your smartphone. A seamless and simple method of controlling and monitoring your lock, continuing to provide you with piece of mind and a feeling of security.
Total control via the App
The Yale Access App allows you to lock and unlock your door, grant access to others and keep track of visitor access. Using the Yale Connect Bridge you can manage your lock remotely.
Digital Deadlocking
Digitally deadlock your door through the secure lockset mode, securely locking from both the inside and outside.
Auto unlock/lock
Auto unlock your door as you walk up without the need to take out your phone. The door position sensor tells you if your door is open or closed.
Door position sensor
Tells you whether your door is open or closed.
Voice assistant compatible
Integrate with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant for hands-free control.
Tailor user access
Use either the Yale Access App, Yale Key Tags or upgrade with the Yale Smart Keypad to access your lock.