2022 The Year of Travel. Smarten up your home so you can leave, secured!



Start preparing your home now to be smart and secure!


We've all sat around too long. The last 18 - 24 months have been, for some of us, the longest feeling months of our lives. As states start to talk about opening up, now is the time to get up and get moving. If you do not want to travel interstate, travel intrastate. Either way travel... but do it smart! Now is the perfect time to get your house connected, safe, secure all with technology. 



Where to start? The front door of course! 

Digital front door locks would have to be the most useful technology to add to your home. Not only are they incredibly secure but they are so convenient! There is no wasting time looking for your keys in your bag to unlock the door, there's no panic of lost key's, there's no juggling the groceries so you can unlock your door. There is just simple, keyless entry making your trips in and out of your house a breeze. 



Additionally there are digital door locks which allow you the amazing bonus of remote technology. This remote technology allows you to unlock and lock your door from anywhere in the world. It allows you to check you have locked your door at anytime and allows you to schedule access to your door for your family members coming in to feed your pets or water your plants. 




Other digital door locks allow you to program your door lock for guests or temporary visitors to access your home. Some have finger print access and keypads. 





Some digital door locks have the ultra smart technology of the auto-unlock feature which unlocks your door as you approach. Creating even more convenience for you to access your home.




Most digital door locks now come with remote access apps for your smart phones which creates a sense of extra security around what you hold close to your heart, your home. By having control of your house security in your phone you are encouraged that nobody is trying to break your locks open without a tampering alert on your phone notifying you or that you've definitely locked your door (because you can triple check that via an app). 


There are many ways you can make your house more secure before you leave for your holidays, points covered in this blog. However we feel one of the most important additions to consider for your home is a digital door lock. Have a look at more digital door lock options here.