Viper Latch– Single or Double Sided – SLV-X1 & SLV-X2

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Safetech’s Viper Gravity Gate Latch Ends Jamming Worries

As a fence and gate contractor, you know that a great feature of a gravity gate latch is the reliability that it will latch when the gate is closed. They will keep people and pets in or out as the situation warrants. But until now a weakness of gravity latches is the chance of the hook jamming before they engage the latching bar. This can occur when dirt, leaf residue or other particles lodge between the hooks and their guiding slots – the guiding means – that direct the hooks over the latching bar.

The Viper Latch Functions Perfectly with No Guiding Means

Safetech researchers took a close look at gravity gate latches and determined that reliable latching is tremendously improved by removing the guiding means that can trap particles and keep the hooks from engaging. The revolutionary design of the Viper Gravity Latch offers added security with the knowledge that the danger of its two independent latching hooks hanging up due to jammed guiding means are eliminated – simply because there are no guiding means