If you own a firearm in Australia, you would have been in the market for a gun safe at some point. This process can be overwhelming, as there is a vast range of models, sizes, locking mechanisms and prices out there. At Lock Supplies, we are here to help you select the best possible gun safe you can get.

There are a few different things that constitute a good gun safe, and while some customers choose a safe that barely meets the legal requirements, it is important to look for all of the indicators.


Some safes are branded with resistant capabilities. Whether this is water resistance or fire resistance, this added capability builds on the functionality of the safe. Rather than just being hard to access, this can protect the firearms inside against unpredictable situation of a house fire or a flood. Although it may be hard to find a safe that is water or fireproof, the resistant qualities will mean that it has passed some level of testing.

Durability is vital to a high-quality safe, as it commonly means that the safe will remain secure for longer. Whether this is the result of thicker steel or a higher quality finish, a good safe will be extremely durable.


There is a range of different locking mechanisms that can be found on gun safes. For example, the unique locking system that can be found on Lokaway gun safes make the guns even more secure (as it is impossible to pry the safe open). Rather than purchasing a cheaper option that has a single locking mechanism, a more sophisticated mechanism with multiple pins will be found in a good quality safe.

Whether it is a combination lock, a key lock or something completely different, at Lock Supplies, the team can explain to you how these confusing aspects actually work.


A good quality safe will be able to be fixed with ease. Fixing your safe to a surface is vital as, if it is simple to get into your house, a burglar can take it out just as easy. If your new safe doesn't have a base or is comprised of a material that can’t be fixed simply, it might not be of the highest quality available. If you are thinking about a particular safe, ask the team at Lock Supplies how it can be fixed, and whether it will be difficult to remove.

A good quality gun safe will be durable, have a secure lock and can be fixed to the ground. If you still aren't sure what to look for in a safe, drop by Lock Supplies, our team will be able to help you make a selection that suits your budget, requirements and desire.

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