Correctly and safely housing your firearms is paramount in Australia. Legislation in Australia requires guns to be kept in safes at all times outside their registered use. For the safety of those around you, you might be considering just what place sells a gun safe, and how sturdy this kind of storage actually is. Although the method of storing weapons has changed dramatically over the years, nowadays there are still different locking options available to house your firearms.


Before strict legislation came in for gun storage in Australia, a standard gun rack was used to store guns by farmers and other professions where you may have multiple large firearms. Commonly, these gun cases were made from a stained timber for aesthetic appeal, and were placed in a common area of the home. These gun cabinets also had a glass panel which meant you could see directly into the rack and anyone walking past could see the guns on the inside. Although these cabinets may look the part, it only took minimal force to compromise the integrity of the storage (as they were commonly only locked with a padlock), and therefore they have become obsolete in Australia.


Nowadays, gun safes come in many different shapes and sizes but are all designed to be as impenetrable as possible by being made from heavy duty steel. Although there are various locking mechanisms such as digital number locks, or manual combination locks, commonly these safes are all made of thick steel to ensure the safety of the contents, and also prevent intruders from accessing the firearms inside. The thick steel plates that make up the safe are welded together for maximum security and strength. Therefore, the accessibility of these safes is exclusive to the owner, and this is the reason that the Australian legislation requires guns to be stored in safes like this.


With modern technology, it isn't just the thick steel and the elaborate locking mechanisms protecting the firearms, but there are several other security features available. Every safe is built different, and the various designs incorporate additional security features whether it is thicker steel or larger foundations. Also, locking mechanisms are becoming more comprehensive, meaning that the higher end safes have some of the best locks and bolts available to protect the contents of the safe.

In today’s society, you want the best gun safe possible to house your guns. Not only should it legally be made from heavy duty thick sheet steel, but you should also consider the locking mechanisms, and how a digital lock or high-end manual lock can ensure the safety of everyone around the firearms.

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