Want to reduce your exposure to germs when opening a door?

Want to reduce your exposure to germs when opening a door?

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it's that we expose ourselves to germs multiple times a day. 

We've been told over and over again, to reduce the spread of germs, we need to reduce our touch of surfaces, wash our hands with soap, use antibacterial gel, etc. We have all done this. Some of us go the extra mile by using our feet, backs, elbow pits and heads to open and close doors, however this is not always practical or safe... but is always 100% fun to watch. 

Perhaps we should consider the use of speciality made equipment that reduces this touch for us. Follow along for a spotlight on three very handy (less) reduce touch products. 

Firstly there is a very cost effective and small product we can all be carrying around with us. The BDS Key Ring Door Opener. This compact stainless steel product is a keyring with a hook attached that can be used to open door handles, press elevator buttons and press ATM or Eftpos keys. This product is not only Australian Made and Owned, but it comes with its own bottle opener. 

Second product we have on our website and recommend for germ reduction is the StepNPull. The StepNPull is a foot operated step which is attached to the bottom of any non latching commercial wood or metal door. This product is also super handy for when your hands are full and you need to open a door. Use your feet in a safe and easy way with this door step. Like the guys at StepNPull say, 'Be germ free - Go hands free'!

And lastly we have a new door handle cover from PureHold. This new technology produces a sleeve which self cleans using a silver coating to combat pathogens on the surface, 24/7. This cover is also very easy to attach to your door handles, with a 30 second install and prevents the cross contamination from every door user, all day long. 

The best thing about this door handle is, that it is chemical free. The technology only uses harmless silver ions to prevent the spread of bacteria, no poisions. Each cover has a shelf life of 6 months, with a helpful time strip reminding you when it needs to be replaced. 

Have a look at all these products in our Reduce Touch, Reduce Germs category, to see how cost effective and helpful they could be to your business and personal life, helping you to combat germs, 24/7. 



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