Trio Patriot Deadbolt: Security AND Safety

Trio Patriot Deadbolt: Security AND Safety

Deadbolt locking products are the common ‘go-to’ when it comes to securing your home, however its generally been a play off between Security OR Safety – A Double Cylinder Deadbolt provides the security whilst a Single Cylinder Deadbolt offers fast and easy exit in case of an emergency.

A usual work-around for this dilemma is to simply leave a key inserted into the internal cylinder, therefor defeating the purpose of the double cylinder lock in the first place!


True to their tag line of “Our family protecting yours”, Trio have combined security AND safety in the one product – The Patriot – setting a new benchmark in Deadbolt Security Products and throwing in a few new Australian designed patents into the mix.

To achieve this combination, The Patriot functions in three modes;

 Unlocked: Free Entry on both sides

 Locked: Exterior Secure, Interior Free Exit

 Deadlocked: Exterior Secure, Interior Secure

When they say secure, they mean it! The Deadbolt itself is a counter balanced bolt, meaning there’s actual locking bolt in both the door AND the frame – a traditional bolt generally throws the bolt completely into the frame which leaves a weak point at the edge of the door. Trio have achieved this security without compromise of bolt projection, so no need to worry about those doors with a larger gap between the frame.

From an installers point of view The Patriot is a breeze to work with, rekeying doesn’t require the whole lock to be stripped down and the patented adjustable spindle means it will fit doors 30-50mm without cutting or swapping tails.

It’s the operator that truly benefits with The Patriot, to ensure there are no ‘accidental lock-ins’ a conscience decision needs to be made whether the lock is deadlocked or not, this is achieved by ‘priming’ the lock on the internal side before deadlocking can take place. Deadlocking triggers a visual indicator which can be seen from more than 10 meters away


Having been in the industry for some time, It’s not often we see a new product like this pop up that ticks all the boxes – quick installation, multiple functionality and ease of use. The Trio Patriot Deadbolt is available from Lock Supplies instore or online

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