Safes: Which one do I need and where should I install it?

Safes: Which one do I need and where should I install it?

Asking the question what safe do I need really needs to begin with you asking yourself what do I want to keep safe? Passports, birth certificates, photos, hard drives, SD cards, USB’s etc. Do I need a fire resistant safe? What is a fire resistant safe? 


There are many different choices of safes on the market and it can be daunting trying to figure out which one serves your purpose the best. Once you’ve determined what it is you want to keep in your safe you are in a better position to research which safe is best for your needs. 


Home safes are the perfect position to keep important documents such as passports, birth certificates and such keeping them secure and out of reach from thieving hands. The position of your safe is also something to consider when installing it within your home. 


When burglars break into homes the first place they usually go to is walk in robes or bedroom cupboards searching for any safes installed. Be creative, burglars usually do not enter children bedrooms, bathroom sink cupboards, linen cupboards under towels, these are all unusual places to hide safes. Try and avoid areas such as garages and shed’s as you want to make it hard for the burglars to find the safe. You also do not want to give them a space where they can essentially remain undetected whilst they try and crack open your safe. 


You want to ensure your safe is of industry standards and is covered by protection warranties. When selecting a fire resistant safe you need to be aware that no safe is completely fire proof. Stay clear of sales tactics which push for fire proof safes. Fire resistant safes will protect documents from extreme heat for up to 2 hours. Fire resistant safes will protect paper whilst a data safe will protect data and media. Again what is it that you are wanting to protect? 


Come in store today to discuss with us your requirements and we will ensure you walk away with the exact safe you’ve been needing all along. Need it installed? Don’t worry we can assist you with installation quotes and service also. 



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