Providing Temporary Access - a cheap alternative

Providing Temporary Access - a cheap alternative

Need to give someone access to a home when your not around? A Kidde Keysafe is often used as a real estate key box, and could be the solution for you. Simply hang it somewhere near your door, and you can control who can get access to your spare keys.

 Useful for ensuring that your kids can always get home, even if they lose their key, and for any tradesmen that you need to get work done when your not around to let them in. Also useful as a Real Estate Key Box so that whenever an agent is showing prospective buyers around the house there is no fiddling with key racks and trying to find the right key. Instead they can just go straight there and get a spare key from this highly secure keybox.

Features and Functions:   

KeySafe Original (Portable) Pushbutton version hangs easily on doorknob, fence, railing or pipe. Just open the lid, lift the shackle and hang. No tools necessary. Portable KeySafe is constructed of sturdy metal with protective rubber shell and is guaranteed never to rust. Holds 3 keys.

  • Provides schedule access for cleaning personnel, pool service and household maintenance, alternative for Real Estate Agents.
  • Change combination as often as needed
  • Access to holiday house and rentals

For other Key storage and access product, consult with us for something to suit your applic

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