Product Feature: S7Pro Car Keysafes

Product Feature: S7Pro Car Keysafes

Are you dreaming about warm summer morning’s, long summer evening’s, pumping waves distracting you from attending work…

Soon enough we will see the end of winter and it’s never too early to plan for those magical summer memories spent at the beach with friends and family, whilst you are surfing, swimming or going for a walk.

However quite often there is the dilemma of where to keep your stuff safe whilst you enjoy the water, ensuring that nobody steals your valuables. One incredibly handy product on the market is the S7Pro Car Key Safe.

The S7Pro is a key safe lockbox which hangs over your car window that is big enough to fit any car key and is safely protected by a keyed password. Keep all your valuables safely locked in your car as you enjoy your time down the beach. Never again spend hours looking for your lost key that has fallen out of your bag or pockets as you’ve run along the sand. Never again try and disguise your valuable amongst your towel and spare clothes on the beach, trying to trick savvy and opportunistic thieves.

Effortless and compact the S7Pro allows you to securely keep your keys at your car without having to resort to the old school on top of the tyre trick.

The S7Pro is;

•Portable and compact - store in your car’s glove box until you need to use it.

•Customisable 4 digit combination wheel for keyless convenience

•Fits all vehicle keys and immobilisers

•Compact, but big enough to also fit, credit cards and cash

•Weather resistant all metal construction

•Back of case protected by foam pad for scratch free attachment.

•Easily attaches to your car window allowing it to be used on any vehicle

Purchase a S7Pro today and start organising your amazing summer days now, so when that warm weather hits you are ready to jump in your car and head to the beach ready to enjoy your time without having to worry about your valuables and your keys.

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