Product Feature: Carbine CEL 3 in 1 Digital Lock

Product Feature: Carbine CEL 3 in 1 Digital Lock

Chances are you have not thought about how handy it would be to have a keyless entry lock on your front door until you’ve needed one. How many times have you locked yourself out of the house? Or had small children lock you out of your own home? How many times have you been busy inside your home and could have benefited from your guests or family opening the front door themselves with a digital code? 

Keyless locks on front doors come in many different shapes, sizes and levels of technology. Some are operated by a keypad, some are operated by a NFC connectivity on your android phone and some can even be operated using a RFID sticker on an existing key, card or phone. I mean how many times have we tried to carry every bag of shopping from the car to the house in one trip and then becoming unstuck at the front door needing a free hand to use your key. Get a product that can allow you to simply hover your phone (with RFID sticker) over the front of the lock, effective and incredibly helpful. 

Whilst all of this sounds high tech and space age, it is actually a time saving and stress free addition to your home. The freedom to come and go from your front door without having to stress whether you have the key is an asset to activities such as walking the dogs, going for a run, gardening out the front, chatting to the neighbour and keeping your dogs or children safe inside, etc. 

As an example the following product allows all of the above and its very cost effective to install. 

Carbine CEL 3 in 1 is a great locking solution for your front door. The CEL 3 in 1 touchscreen lock is a digital lock that can be offered in several variants. It provides a keyless locking solution making it more convenient to access your home. As you’d expect from it’s name there are three modes of access; 

  • 4-8 digital code
  • RFID card/chip impeded in existing keys
  • NFC enabled smartphone. 

This digital lock is great for your home, granny flat, investment property or small office. It provides a keyless locking solution which allows you to give access to contractors, tradies, cleaners, short-term tenants and children when you are not there. This product comes with everything you need to install it. Requires 4 AA batteries to operate. The leverset and deadbolt model fits a standard 54mm lockset hole with no additional drilling required, making it very easy to install for DIY projects. 

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