Moved House?

Moved House?

Why should you replace your locks or rekey existing locks when you move into a new home? 


There are a few reasons why changing the security on your new home is vital to your protection. Some are more obvious than others however the general consensus is that changing the locks on your new home whether rental or purchased is to ensure you remain safe from opportunistic thieves. 


When you move into a rental property you are moving into a home with an unknown past. You are unaware of how many tenants have occupied this space, what they got up to in the home before you or who they are as people. Some people are told to leave rental properties for many reasons and as such some people do not move willingly. This can cause tension and create hostility from the previous tenant. Now imagine that person having a key to access your new home. A key to access your home with all of your belongings. 


Not everyone who leaves a rental is forced to leave. Some leave as they want to move into a different home, they have purchased a home or they are looking for a sea change. regardless of the reason they have moved from your new rental, the fact remains that you will not be told of the reason. Erring on the side of caution in relation to your home security just makes sense. 


Now you might be thinking. This doesn’t matter to me. I’ve just purchased my new home i don’t have to worry about numerous tenants having keys to my home. Well, was your house ever a rental? How many people lived in your home before you? How many people used to live in your new home and have lost their house keys in the past? How many different keys are floating around unknown to you to your brand new home? Change you locks!


Now how do you go about doing this? Firstly think about what you want to do in relation to upgrading your security. Do you want to simply re-key your locks or replace them altogether? Re-keying is having a locksmith come to your home and change the tumblers on the locks. By doing this it prevents old keys being able to operate the locks. This instantly prevents anyone having access to your home and allows you to have all locks keyed alike to your home. One key for all the locks. Simple, quick and cost effective. 


If you are instead keen to upgrade your lock system on your new home why not consider a digital door lock and go completely key less!? Not only will you increase the security on your home rendering any old keys completely useless and irrelevant you will also gift yourself convenience and save time when it comes to accessing your home. 


Obviously there are a few different options when it comes to changing the security on your home, some cost more than others. Regardless of the cost, changing the security on your home is a must to give yourself the highest protection. Whilst someone accessing your home is unlikely, there is always a chance. Don't chance your families safety and your belongings. It’s just not worth it. Give us a call to chat through the different options available to you and we can organise products and a locksmith to attend your new home at your convenience.  

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