There is no understating the importance of protecting your most valuable belongings. With a Lokaway safe, this process just became more secure. The Lokaway safe is like no other and houses a range of characteristics and capabilities all designed to protect your most important items from being stolen. If you are wondering what’s so good about a Lokaway Safe, the following are some of its best traits!


The number one ways that burglars break into safes is by using a pry bar or a screwdriver to dismantle the door panel of the safe. Lokaway safes are designed to be pry-proof. With a seamless composition around the door, getting a pry bar in between the metal sheets is virtually impossible. Being the most common way a safe is compromised, preventing this separates the Lokaway safes from the competitors out there. If you are wondering how this anti-pry technology works, Lokaway has developed a patented mechanism called Swing ‘n’ Slide. When the safe is unlocked the door must slide slightly to the right to free up the door to swing open, then when locked, this safe is seamless.


The Lokaway system has a unique locking mechanism that goes all the way down. This is an alternative to single locking pins, which can be compromised with a drill or other handtools. A burglar would have a hard time compromising the lock, as it has a single lip that goes all the way down the face of the safe. If a criminal drilled into the top or bottom, the safe would remain closed. With a single action-opening bolt, when you do need to get to the items inside, you will not have to struggle and pull just to gain access.


Not only is the style of locking patented, but it is also owned right here in Australia. With international patents and distributors, this product is tried and tested. The Lokaway is a global product and has a series of different models that cater toward every single storage need.

Lokaway safes are available in a range of sizes and locking styles. At Lock Supplies, we believe that there should be no cutting corners when it comes to the safety of your items. The unique technology of this safe is just one of the reasons you should consider it as an option for the storage of your items. With a high aesthetic and functional design for gun storage, we predict this safe will become more and more popular among Australians.

To find out more about Lokaway safes, or other safes available give the team at Lock Supplies a call or visit the online store. Their vast knowledge on Lokaway safes (and all other safes available) will ensure that your valuables are ‘safe’ in the future.


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