Letterbox security, protect your deliveries and your identity

Letterbox security, protect your deliveries and your identity

We are currently immersed in an interesting and complicated time as the world tries to control the Covid-19 Pandemic. Of no surprise online shopping and home deliveries have increased dramatically as people are either forced to or choose to avoid the shops and leaving their homes. 

Some states restrictions have lifted and some states restrictions have tightened. Wherever you are and whatever your current circumstances are, there is still a demand in letterbox deliveries. Therefore there should be an increase in peoples knowledge and focus on securing their letterboxes for safe storage of their private mail and deliveries. 

Regardless of the pandemic people are still being opportunistic in accessing private mail boxes and stealing mail and therefore accessing details that could put the owners at risk of having their identities or money stolen. As you can imagine if you are in a state that is in lockdown one of the only reasons you can leave your home is for exercise. This increases the foot traffic walking past your valuable mail boxes, which could possibly increase your chances of being a target of theft. 

It is not uncommon for letterbox security to be overlooked when the focus is generally spent on securing the front door and windows to your home. There are a few tips to ensure that your mail being delivered remains in your letterbox until you need to access it. 

Firstly ensure you have a big enough mailbox to account for the amount of mail you receive. There is nothing more enticing for opportunistic people than mail protruding from the letterbox slot. 

Secondly invest in a quality letterbox lock such as the Carbine LBX & LBX Pro Letterbox Locks. Nine in ten mailboxes use such poor security locks that they might as well be left open. The Carbine LBX & LBX Pro Letterbox Locks are Australia’s only easy retrofit letterbox lock that stops identity thieves in their tracks. 

The Carbine LBX is 

  • A C4 keyway Letterbox lock (the very same pin-tumbler key system as your front door)
  • More secure than the wafer cam locks used in most letterboxes
  • Patented design 
  • Eliminates compromised wafer-cam key system that thieves have master-key for 
  • LBX Pro - body, cam and nut are made from 316 stainless steel 
  • LBX Pro - 6061 aluminum spacers

Don't leave your mail to chance, invest in a letterbox lock that secures your valuable identity and deliveries so you have one less thing to worry about during this trying time we find ourselves experiencing. Stay safe, stay home, keep your valuables safe and at home, where they belong

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