As a gun owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your firearms are correctly installed. With each state having their own regulations determining the minimum storage requirements, it is still the owner’s responsibility not only to meet but exceed these specifications to ensure all guns are safe and secure. Failure to do so is considered to be an offence according to the South Australian Police. Do the right thing by yourself, your family and the community and secure your firearms within an adequately installed safe. Below we tell you how:


Before installing your safe, carefully consider the safes placement, for maximum security for you and your family. You want your firearms to be safe from leaking water, or humidity as both these factors contribute to the start of corrosion.

According to the South Australian Police, your rearm(s) must be stored at your principal residence. If your firearm is for the purpose of businesses, it must be stored at the businesses primary residence unless otherwise has been approved. All ammunition must also be stored away from your firearms.

Extreme temperatures should be avoided if possible. The ideal location for a gun safe is under the main roof of your home where insulation and home security is better than in an outdoor shed.

With many Australians living in tropical climates, it is a wise idea to invest in a moisture absorber for the inside of your safe to prevent rust taking hold of your rifles. Moisture absorbing crystals from your local hardware should do the trick.

It certainly isn’t a wise idea to advertise to the world that you have guns and where they are located. As a preventative measure take the time to position your safe away from public view, to prevent the wrong people knowing about your gun collection.


Having a quality safe is one thing. However, unless it is securely fastened to the wall it’s not really worth having. At Lock Supplies, our new gun safes come with pre-drilled mounting holes.

Securing your safe is easily done with an impact drill, masonry and some Dyna-bolts.

If Your safe is under 150Kg (when empty) it must be securely anchored from the inside. Each anchor point must also be reinforced with a metal plate and washer fixed between the cabinet surface and the head of the screw.

Installing your safe securely does not take much time or effort. In turn, you will give yourself peace of mind, making every effort worthwhile. For all, your gun safes and any advice, visit the friendly team at Lock Supplies today. Their experienced staff with assisting you with all of your gun safe needs.

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