Got a spare key? Not many people do!

Got a spare key? Not many people do!

There are a number of people who do not have a spare key for their home or their car. This, one could suggest, is the biggest reason why Locksmiths are called out to people's homes due to people being locked out. 

There are some simple and very cost effective ways to combat this situation and prevent a locksmith call out fee. 

1. Get a spare key cut and leave in a Key Safe attached to your house.

2. Get a spare key cut and leave with a friend or relative that lives close by.

This will prevent a lock out … and Murphy's law... this will usually occur after hours which attracts a larger service fee for a locksmith to help you or when you are in a rush/needing to attend an appointment. 

Remove this stress from your life. Got some spare time? Grab your key and take it into your nearest Locksmith shop to get it cut.  Cut a few, one for each member of the household. One for your Key Safe and one for your relative or friend nearby. 

Or better yet, when you able to, purchase a Digital Lock for your front door and do away with keys altogether! Don't forget we offer Afterpay and Zip Money online and in store! 



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