When it comes to the safe and effective storage of your firearms, there is a lot to consider. Everything from safe selection to price affects the overall protection your guns have from the outside world. With this in mind, it is easy to make mistakes, and at Lock Supplies, we want you to receive the best protection possible. To avoid issues with your gun safe lookout for these common mistakes.


In Australia, there are legal requirements that come with owning a gun. Not only do they have to be in a safe, but they also have to be in a safe that has certain specifications. In South Australia, a ‘prescribed safe’ is simple a gun safe made of steel rated at level one. This means that they have a thickness of a mere 1.6mm.

Many gun owners make the mistake of purchasing a safe that barely meets these requirements. This doesn’t provide the greatest level of protection. The best thing you can do for security is to get a durable and strong safe that exceeds these capabilities - even if it does cost a little more.


Often, people who purchase gun safes don’t consider how much the contents are worth. Buying a cheap safe that just barely meets the requirements does not protect your belongings. Would you keep $3000 cash in a letterbox? Probably not. So the way in which you store firearms, which are a significant investment, should reflect the value of your guns.


There are weight requirements that deem whether a safe needs to be fixed or not. With smaller firearms, often the legal specifications don’t require secure fixings. At Lock Supplies, we believe that you should always fix your safe, big or small. If you can get your safe into your home when you buy it, a criminal can just as easily take it out. Even if it's a small firearm, get a professional to adequately fix your safe to the wall or ground for maximum security.


Although budget may be a concern for many gun owners, you shouldn’t always elect to purchase the cheapest option. Often the lower ranges of safes do not have the same locking capabilities as some of the midrange products. This ties into the bare requirements of a gun safe, as some of the cheaper options still met the parameters outlined by the State Government. However, to protect your guns from the outside world, you should be considering the best safe you can get.

If you make any of these gun safe mistakes, it may be time to upgrade. If that’s the case, give the team at Lock Supplies a call or swing by, the gun safe experts will show you exactly what you should consider and why.

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