Digital Door Locks: Which one should you buy?

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Digital Door Locks: Which one should you buy?

So you want a digital door lock? Chances are you have been eyeing off a particular brand or style of digital door lock for a while. As you get closer to moving into your newly built home or grumble as you open and close your old door on your home you’ve been meaning to renovate for ever, its worth considering a number of factors when deciding which digital door lock is right for you.

Do you have or intend to have a screen door secured to your house? If so, then this is something to consider when thinking about a digital door lock. Screen doors require keys to lock therefore if you are already opening the screen door with a key and then entering a code to enter your hardwood door, it kind of defeats the purpose of investing in a keyless door lock. Screen doors will also interfere with the aesthetics of the digital door lock placed on your hardwood door, shielding the stylish lock of choice.

Secondly, what functionality do you want in a digital door lock? Do you simply just want to ditch the keys? Do you want a combination lock with can be operated by both code and keys? Share access remotely? Lock and unlock using your smart phone? Obtain an audit trail from who is accessing your lock? There are many different functionalities in keyless entry door locks, think about your ultimate goal when shopping around for a digital door lock.

What do you currently have on your front door? is there a standard door lock already installed in your door? assessing what is already secured to your door will make the process of installing a digital door lock easier. Retrofitting a digital door lock on to you door will make the process less stressful and messy. By selecting the right fit for your door you will not be left with unsightly holes or marks.

Want to smarten up your door lock? What home automation do you currently have running? Do you have an Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, Apple HomeKit or Google Home? Choosing the correct lock which can easily connect to your home automation system is going to make entry to you home much simpler. There is no point choosing a lock that doesn’t connect to your current home automation or the home automation you want to invest in.

Considering all the above, what is your budget? There are many different digital door locks in the market currently and they can vary in cost. The more smart, functional, and stylish they are the more they are likely to cost. Consider what matters most to you in your new digital door lock and what you are willing to sacrifice should you have a particular budget.

If technology is something that can confuse or overwhelm you then doing your research before shopping for a digital door lock will cut down on these feelings for you. Knowing what you want and what you are willing to spend will get that special, stylish, functional digital door lock onto your front door sooner rather than later.

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