Price increase from ASSA ABLOY starting August 2021

Price increase from ASSA ABLOY starting August 2021

Due to the ever changing financial and supply climate we find ourselves in, in 2021, we have received the following correspondence from one of our biggest suppliers. 

"As a business we remain dedicated to delivering highest value, product availability and quality to all our customers. With this in mind, we are committed to driving continuous productivity improvements from both our local and overseas factories and have endeavoured to internally absorb the various cost increases we've experienced. We can however, no longer continue to do so. Significant increases in freight, labour costs (both local and overseas) and raw material movements have forced us to review our pricing. 

Consequently, we wish to formally advise that effective 1st August 2021, ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Ltd will increase all List and Bulk/Contract prices by 5% across all of our brands."

As a flow on effect Lock Supplies will also have to pass on this price increase from ASSA ABLOY. Due to being a small local business we cannot absorb this price increase and will therefore need to pass it on. However this price increase is not occurring until next month so, get your orders in asap. Make July count and place that order. 

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