EPEC Electronic Pin Euro Cylinder (70mm)

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EPEC Electronic Pin Euro Cylinder (70mm)


The EPEC provides a multi-user PIN code functionality & management for Euro Cylinder lockbodies.

The Electronic PIN Euro Cylinder (EPEC) will help provide your door with a smarter lock. The EPEC replaces traditional fixed or floating cam key lock Euro cylinder with a digital-key & turn operation; while retaining the existing lock body and handle.

While most digital-key entry locks are only a single handle body lock option, EPEC is designed to fit the existing euro cylinder profile and provide a greater choice of designs in handle furniture and lock bodies.

The EPEC allows you to create and manage up to two groups and 12 unique PIN codes; you’ll never have to worry about losing a key again.


  • Cycle Testing

  • Battery Life Cycle Testing

  • Ingress Protection Testing (IP55)

  • Penetration Testing

  • Salt Bath Testing

  • Ultimate Testing

  • Software Testing